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The Orphanage


The Farm

Ensuring that the children have plenty of nutritious food and full bellies is a priority of our project, and therefore we  donate seeds, plants and animals to the orphanage to bolster their farm, and to help them to better be able to provide for themselves.


We know the importance of receiving a proper education. This is why part of the donations we receive goes to supplying the children with things they may need for school but which the orphanage may not have enough of to go around for everyone - this includes things like pens, books, rulers and calculators.



Every kid needs toys! That's why we provide the orphans with various toys, puzzles, books and sports equipment to keep both their bodies and brains active, and allowt hem to enjoy their free time.


We often take for granted that we have all the basics wee need - such as shoes and warm clothes in winter. But without the regular donations from the local community, the children wouldn't have enough clothes to wear, which can lead to them falling ill, especially in the cold winters. That's why we supplement community donations with extra items of clothing to ensure the children are well covered.


Extra-Curricular Activities

The orphans come from very remote communities that rarely have opportunities to learn about other cultures and activities. As part of our project, we share different children's games, arts and craft, and other fun activities from around the world.


When we first visited the orphanage, most of the children lacked even mattresses to sleep on, and the walls were covered in dirt and mould. That's why our volunteers made it their mission to help clean, paint, and furnish the orphanage so that the children would have a healthy environment to live in.


Medical Treatment

Medical emergencies happen to the best of us. But unfortunately the orphanage does not always have enough resources to cover these sudden and sometimes large expenses. That's why part of our funds are used for medical emergencies to ensure the orphans receive any treatments or surgeries they may need when they become ill or injured.

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