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Community Building


As far as the local communities where the children come from are concerned, our role has been a supportive one. We cooperate with the ethnic minority communities to better understand their needs, as they have been living in the rocky mountainous lands for centuries and know best what they can and can’t grow there. Unfortunately, as our resources are fairly limited, our finances are used  mainly to support the orphans both in the orphanage and once they leave.


We would love to be able to break the cycle of poverty in the highlands so that children don’t become orphaned in the first place, but without proper funding we haven’t been able to do much in community-building yet.

However, through helping the orphans who've returned to their villages to rebuild their lives and providing them with essentials such as clothing and resources for starting their own farms, we are slowly making a difference in these communities.

With further support we will be able to effect real change, and enhance the prospects and opportunities that these communities have to have stability and financial security.



Having somewhere to live is often the first and hardest hurdle the orphans face if they return to their villages. Sometimes relatives will take them in, but eventually they will need a place of their own to live and even raise a family.

This is the first home (of hopefully many) that we at the project have funded. We hope to be able to fund more housing for orphans who are returning to their villages in the future.

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