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Part of our project’s mission is to build a network of volunteers, businesses and community groups to assist the orphans once they become adults and leave the orphanage. We know that finding work can be difficult at the best of times for people all around the world. But when you have limited education and lack the right contacts, finding work can go from difficult to dangerous.

Too many times we hear stories of people being trafficked, forced into horrible conditions, or even sold into slavery. Modern slavery is not confined to poor and developing countries. It spans across the globe, with adults and children being trafficked into Europe, the United States and other first world countries.That’s why we are always looking for responsible businesses and groups that can provide the orphans with somewhere safe to land once they leave the orphanage. If you are involved with, or know any businesses / groups / organisations that may be able to help us, please send us a message! And please share this post with other so we can reach those who can help!

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Cookware and utensils

Providing the orphans that leave the orphanage with some basic essentials like new pots and pans, utensils, a gas stove and a gas bottle may not seem like much, but when you have nothing it can mean everything to your daily survival.


It also has the broader positive impact that as the orphans aren’t cooking their meals on polluting fires that burn wood, animal dung, and crop waste, they don't have to worry about the associated health issues that come from this either.


Getting to your workplace isn't always so simple if there is no public transport to get you where you need to go!


That's why we have been helping some of the orphans to buy second-hand motorbikes to get them to and from work, so that they can earn a living and support themselves and provide for their own futures. 

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