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  • Douglas Johnston

8th October 2021

Today we have a lot to share! Firstly, we've created this page to make it easier for people to learn and share about our cause and access all our posts! So please like, follow and share it with your friends!

Secondly, due to generous donations this week we have passed the $3500 raised mark, which is absolutely amazing!! So thank you again to everyone who has donated to and shared our cause!!

Next, we are also very happy to announce that Vang has already received the money he needed to get a covid test, and will be leaving quarantine by the end of this month and heading back to Ha Giang

Finally, starting next week we will be introducing some of the stories of the orphans about how they ended up at the orphanage in the first place. This is something we at the project have only just begun to hear for ourselves - as this is not something we wanted to ask the orphans when they were still children.

For their privacy we will not be sharing anything that identifies them in the posts, but we believe it is important to know their stories and understand the terrible things that are still occurring even now - both in Vietnam and all across the globe

As always, if you can please donate to help the orphans who have left the orphanage to have a better life.

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