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  • Douglas Johnston

29th September 2021

This is Khai who is from the Hmong ethnic minority. Khai comes from the beautiful district of Quan Ba - famous for its stunning twin peaks and “heaven’s gate”. However, Khai’s life hasn’t been as stunning.

He entered the orphanage back in 2016, and then left again in 2019. Since then Khai has travelled to various provinces in search of stable work and a decent place to live, but hasn’t had very good luck so far.

Most recently he attempted to travel back to Quan Ba to see his relatives, but instead was kept in quarantine for over 2 months in Hanoi. Many of us know first-hand that lockdowns or quarantine can be tough, but being quarantined for 2 months - and only being given packet noodles to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner can take a toll on someone both mentally and physically.

Luckily, Khai has now been allowed to leave quarantine and has found employment in an industrial park. But Khai is still not in a good position, and desperately needs our help to get him back on his feet and provide him with some basic essentials.

So if you can, please donate to help the orphans who have left the orphanage, and ensure that they, their siblings, and the next generation have a better life.

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