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  • Douglas Johnston

26th August 2021

So today we are bring you an update on Lenh. Now there must be something in the air at the moment because poor Lenh also hurt his leg (luckily nothing serious like poor little Huy).

At any rate, we were able to raise enough from your generous donations to help Lenh. Our original plan was to help Lenh buy a proper gas stove like we did for Xa and his family, but by the time we’d raised the money one of Lenh’s relatives had already managed to get a gas stove for the household!

So, we talked with Lenh about how else we could help him, and he said that food security is a real issue where he comes from. Therefore we decided together that the best way we could help would be by buying these two adorable little piglets for Lenh to raise and breed. We also gave Lenh a little bit of money so he could buy some some basic necessities like toilet paper and other household goods.

We are so grateful that through your generosity we have managed to help some of the orphans who’ve left the orphanage get on their feet. But there are still a number of them that we haven’t been able to help at all. So if you can, please donate to help orphans like Lenh so that none of them are left out!

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