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  • Douglas Johnston

21st October 2021

“When I was 2 years old, someone poisoned both my mother and one of my brothers, killing them both.

My other brother and I were often beaten by others, and life was difficult for us until I was 10 years old - but then my father also passed away, and my life became even more difficult.

After this, my uncle sent me to the orphanage. I stayed at the orphanage for a few years.

But then I went back to live with my aunt and uncle after 8th grade, and they supported me to finish 9th grade at the local school. I wanted to continue to go to school like everyone else, but because my aunt and uncle couldn’t afford to support me any longer, I had to start working at age 15 as a hired labourer in Ha Giang and Hanoi. Currently I work in Bac Ninh.”

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