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  • Douglas Johnston

21st April 2022

Firstly we’d like to thanks the ladies at BLP for generously donating to our cause by purchasing $150 worth of homemade accessories that of our supporters donated to our cause!

Next we’ like to give an update on how the orphans are going. The kids at the orphanage are doing well and are back at school once again. A number of them had contracted covid over the last few months, but none of them suffered a serious reaction, and have recovered now.

For those of you who remember Vuong (who was originally sewing clothes in a factory), he has now moved to Ho Cho Minh city in southern Vietnam, and is currently pursuing his dream of becoming a tattoo artist which is quite exciting ^o^

Khai (who was working in an industrial park) had to return to his village to recover from an illness (non covid-related), but luckily we have gotten him the medical treatment he needed and he is improving and will soon be able to return back to work.

And Xa and his wife (who we helped to buy a proper stove for their family to cook their meals with) are celebrating the recent birth of their second son! However Xa has asked our community for our help. His family lives in a wooden shack without proper protection from the elements. Xa would like to build a house for his family, and has asked other people on his village to help, but the cost to build a house is approximately $2500 - cheap in comparison to building a house in the West that’s for sure!

We’d like to help Xa to be able to do this for his wife and children. So if you can, please donate and share this post with others so we can help Xa make this a reality.

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