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  • Douglas Johnston

20th September 2021

This week we are celebrating passing the $3000 milestone of donations made to help the orphans - which is amazing!! We’d like to thank everyone who has donated and shared our cause so far, as it has really made a difference in the lives of the orphans.

They regularly tell us just how appreciative they are of the generosity of so many strangers who have helped them to gain some stability and peace of mind - especially in these uncertain times.

In today’s picture you can see some of the children receiving the first delivery of clothes to the orphanage. Lockdowns and restrictions have made it a little bit harder than usual to buy the clothes, but we have more on the way, and hope to have them delivered to the other children soon.

Unfortunately, there are still a number of orphans both that have left the Center and who still reside there that we haven’t been able to help yet. It is our goal to ensure that none of the orphans are left out of this campaign, but we can’t do this without your help!! So please donate whatever you can, and share this cause with as many people as you can, so that we can help each and every one of the orphans.

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