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  • Douglas Johnston

19th August 2021

August 19: Today we’d planned to bring you only positive news, but unfortunately that is not the case .

But first the good news! Due to everyone’s generous donations, we were able to raise enough money to buy Xa and his family a new gas stove, a gas bottle, and new pots and a pan - which means that from now on they won’t have to worry about the health issues that come from cooking their meals on polluting fires that burn wood, animal dung, and crop waste.

Xa and his family were very appreciative of everyone who helped them as you can see in the top row of pictures!

Unfortunately, today Xa’s family had a different kind of health crisis - which you can see from the bottom row of photos. Their poor child Huy has had an accident and broken his leg! They are currently at the hospital now getting little Huy the medical care he needs, but we are sure that the financial burden of this will be a strain on the family. That’s why we would like to chip in a little bit of money to help pay for little Huy’s medical expenses.

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