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  • Douglas Johnston

18th June 2021

It can be hard to imagine travelling long distances just to find unskilled work, but this is a reality all too common in Vietnam.

This is Vang, who is a part of the H’mong ethnic minority, and comes from a village about 5kms (3 miles) from the Vietnamese/Chinese border. Vang came into the orphanage with his younger brother in 2012, and then Vang left in 2018. His younger brother is still currently at the orphanage, hoping that his brother will earn enough to bring him along too.

After leaving the orphanage, Vang travelled to Guangdong province in China and worked there for 2 years, before having to return to Vietnam due to the growing pandemic. After returning, Vang travelled to the capital, Hanoi, looking for work, but eventually found himself having to head further south all the way to Ho Chi Minh city (Ha Giang to Ho Chi Minh city is 2028 km / 1260 miles).

Vang currently has no possessions bar a few clothes he took with him, and we would like to raise money for him so he can buy the bare necessities like a pillow, blanket, and other basic necessities. So if you can, please donate to help orphans like Vang struggling after having to leave the orphanage.

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