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  • Douglas Johnston

14th July 2021

This is Vuong. Vuong is of the Tay ethnic minority, from a small village south of Ha Giang city. Vuong came into the orphanage back in 2015, and then left last year to find work.

Vuong is actually 1 of 4 children. Vuong has an older sister, younger sister, and a little brother who is still residing at the orphanage. Vuong is currently working sewing clothes in Vinh Phuc city, with a lot of the meagre amount he does earn he sends to help his aging grandparents and other siblings to help them get by.

Vuong doesn’t dream of grand things. He would simply like to have enough money so that he could travel back to visit his younger brother in the orphanage again, and buy his younger brother some clothes that he desperately needs.

So today we ask you to please donate to our cause and help orphans like Vuong realise these simple but beautiful dreams. Every little bit all adds up in the end!

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