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  • Douglas Johnston

12th October 2021

“When I was 2 years old, some people from China came and killed my parents. Then they forced me and my 2 brothers to go with them, and sold us in China.

After a few years, the Vietnamese police cooperated with the Chinese police and finally found me and one of my two brothers. But they never found my other younger brother.

After the police found us, they took the two of us directly to the orphanage as we no longer had parents, and our grandparents couldn’t afford to take care of us either.

I studied at school until 7th grade, before I quit and went to work. I’ve been used to all this since I was a kid, and that makes me even more motivated now. But I am thankful everyone is supporting me.”

These stories are all too common amongst the orphans. Please donate to help them have a better life now.

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