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  • Douglas Johnston

10th June 2021

Getting on your feet can be made so much more difficult when you have a medical condition.

This is Lo, who is a part of the H’mong ethnic minority and comes from a village about 14kms (8.7mils) from the Vietnamese/Chinese border. Lo came into the orphanage in 2017, and then left last year to look for work. He is currently working in the town of Ha Giang as a mechanic, but has unfortunately had a cataract form in one of his eyes.

And while we currently have a local volunteer looking into the possibility of getting Lo on a list for free cataract surgery through another organisation, we’d like to fundraise money for him to cover any related incidental costs, and to help Lo get some basic necessities he desperately needs to set himself up in a safe and stable environment. So please donate if you can, and please share our cause!

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