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  • Douglas Johnston

21st July 2021

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who has shared and generously donated to our cause! We’ve managed to raise over $2000 so far - which is amazing!! So thank you very, very much We will posting follow-up stories in the next few weeks about how the donations are being used for the orphans that we’ve previously posted stories about - so stay tuned!

Today’s story though is about the orphans who are still in the orphanage (some of which are in today’s photo!). As part of this fundraising campaign, we’d like to be able to give these kids some new clothes - as what they have right now is getting a tiny bit threadbare! A lot of us take for granted the fact that we have a whole wardrobe of clothes to pick and choose from. But some of these kids only have the one outfit that they have to wear day in and day out.

Which is why they would be so happy to get a new outfit from the local market! The price of an outfit for the younger orphans costs approx. $5 - $10 each, and the older ones about $15 - $20, depending on what deals we can get for buying in bulk from the vendor. So please donate so we can bring some smiles to these orphans with a new outfit.

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